Export activities
The position of Viet Nam pepper in the world market has been changed due to the good movement of processing and exporting. Export quantity from Viet Nam against main producing countries has been improved 26% in year 2001, 36% in year 2002 and 45% in the first 5 months of year 2003.
In order to maintain and strengthen this position for Viet Nam pepper, Viet Nam Pepper Association (VPA) with its role as an association of this industry, VPA is expanding its activities on many aspects in which there is a concentration and alliance with organizations and local authorities in order to set up the production and processing area as for an effective competition. Also it ordinates cultivation and semi-processing in order to to have organic and hygiene processing as for improving and diversifying the product quality, which brings the processing activities of farmers together with the market activities. Anh with members and relevent organizations builds up a stable commercial and investment environment via activities on information exchange, consultancy, support, co-operation, trade promotion, and especially expands international co-operation with other organizations.

Export to market during Jan - Dec 2001, 2002, 2003

Export to major importing Countries during Jan - Jun 2003

Export of pepper of major producing countries during 2001, 2002, 2003

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