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VietEuroNet is the trade, investment and tourism promotion program, in which the company VIETeuro plays roll as the catalytic core to work in the closed co-ordinations, co-operations, and authorizations or under the auspices of Vietnamese and European business communities as well as the important organizations such as the Investment and Trade Promotion Centers, VIETRADE (Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency - Ministry of Trade), UAIC (HCMC Union of Associations of Industry and Commerce), HEPZA (Ho Chi Minh City Export Processing and Industrial Zones Authority), and the considerable Associations with hundred and thousand of members like VITAS (Vietnam Textile and Apparel Association), VSPA (Vietnam Saigon Plastic Association), VCCI Cantho (Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Mekong Delta), etc.

VietEuroNet is recognized as the originally virtual community, specially to enhance the bilateral trading between Vietnam and Europe which aims to establish the good ways to come into and receive the high quality products and services from the other markets in the world.

All the information, the products in showroom, the systems of methodical solution and the other business support services on this website are selected carefully, and basically responded by the export companies and /or trading companies, and the others who are presenting on this network. These entities will work direct to discuss and negotiate to sign the contract with you.
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